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Supported distributions

💡 Tip: Linux kernels (>= 6.2) include their own drivers for our AC1L/AC3L/AC5L adapters, so they work out of the box in recent distributions. But these drivers aren’t yet as mature as ours, so if you encounter any issues, use our installer to replace them.

The following table lists the distributions that our installer supports and the versions that we have personally tested so far. The meaning of the remarks column is:

  • apt: our driver repository is added to your sources and you won’t have to re-run our installer unless you reinstall your OS from scratch
  • apt-rpm, dnf, pacman, ppm, swupd, yum, xbps, zypper: no driver repository; you’ll have to re-run our installer manually after major kernel version updates (e.g. from 5.15 to 5.18)
  • eopkg, pkgtool: no dkms; you’ll have to re-run our installer manually after even minor kernel version updates (e.g. from 5.18.1 to 5.18.2)
DistributionVersionHeaders packageRemarks
All official Ubuntu flavors16.04 - 23.04linux-headers-*apt
All official Debian blends8 - 12linux-headers-*apt
ALT Linux9.1kernel-header-modules-std-defapt-rpm
antiX Linux19.3 386linux-headers-4.9.235-antix.1-486-smpapt, see note 1
Arch Linuxrollinglinux-headerspacman
Arco Linuxrollinglinux-headerspacman
Artix Linuxrollinglinux-headerspacman
Bluestar Linuxrollinglinux-headerspacman
Bodhi Linux5.1linux-headers-genericapt
Clear Linux2.7.2kernel-lts2019-dkmsswupd, needs reboot
Devuan3 (beowulf)linux-headers-amd64apt
Elementary OS5.1.7 Heralinux-headers-generic-hwe-18.04apt
Enso OS0.4linux-headers-genericapt
Fedora Workstation33kernel-develdnf
Feren OSpseudo-rollinglinux-headers-genericapt
Garuda Linuxrollinglinux-headerspacman
Gecko Linux15.2kernel-develzypper
Gentoo Linuxrollinglinux-headersemerge deps manually
KaOS Linuxrollinglinux-headerspacman, no dkms
Kali Linux2020.04linux-headers-amd64apt
KDE neon20.04linux-headers-genericapt
Linux CNC2.8.0linux-headers-rt-amd64apt
Linux Lite5.0linux-headers-genericapt
Linux Mint19 - 20.3linux-headers-genericapt
Manjaro Linuxrollinglinux-headerspacman, see note 2
MX Linux19.2 386linux-headers-686-paeapt
Oracle Linux8.3kernel-develdnf, use -uek kernel
OpenMandriva4.2 Argonkernel-develdnf
openSUSE Tumbleweed20210408kernel-develzypper
Parrot OS4.10 Home MATElinux-headers-amd64apt
Peppermint OS10linux-headers-generic-hwe-18.04apt
Pop! OS20.10linux-headers-genericapt
PureOSHephaestus 9.0linux-headers-amd64apt
Q4OS3.12 Centauruslinux-headers-amd64apt
Raspberry Pi OS10 Busterraspberrypi-kernel-headersapt
Reborn OS2021.04.22linux-headerspacman
Scientific Linux7kernel-develyum
Slackware15.0kernel-headers-5.15.19-x86-2pkgtool, see note 3
Ultimate Edition6.6linux-headers-genericapt
Void Linux20210218linux-headersxbps
Zorin OS15.3 Litelinux-headers-generic-hwe-18.04apt


  1. AntiX Linux has a broken pkexec, so our installation command should use sudo instead:

     sh -c 'wget -O /tmp/install && sudo sh /tmp/install'
  2. Manjaro Linux shows a prompt about which kernel headers to install; please select the matching one, for example if your kernel is 5.10 then choose the linux510-headers package.

  3. Slackware doesn’t include dkms in its stock repositories; if you’re frequently changing kernels, you can optionally install it

📝 Note: we try to support as many Linux distributions as possible, but there are so many that it’s impossible to test all of them. Also, some do not provide the required kernel headers and build tools, or target exotic hardware that we don’t have access to. If you are not satisfied with the level of support that we are able to offer for your distribution, you may return the adapter back to Amazon for a refund, as it comes with a 2 year warranty.

See also the unsupported distributions list.