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If you encounter problems with the driver installation, the best thing to do is to follow installation step 7 and send us all the installer output and the generated /tmp/troubleshooting.txt file. Also, some common issues are documented under the Troubleshooting menu to the left of this site, do have a quick look in case yours is one of them.

If these didn’t solve the problem, please do the following steps:

  1. Open a terminal and copy-paste one of the following commands to download our troubleshooting script:

     wget -O ~/
     busybox wget -O ~/
     curl -Lo ~/
  2. Reboot your system to clear the system logs.

  3. Reproduce the problem again.

  4. At that point, open a terminal and run our troubleshooting script that you have previously downloaded:

     sh ~/ -t
  5. This will generate a file named /tmp/troubleshooting.txt in your hard disk. Please attach it in an email to us, while describing the problem.