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Supported distributions

  • For the AC1L/AC3L/AC5L adapters, you may either use the in-kernel drivers that support all distributions, or our drivers that support certain distributions.
  • For the AX1L/AX4L/AX5L adapters, no in-kernel driver exists, so you have to use our drivers that support certain distributions.

In-kernel drivers

In February 2023, the Linux kernel 6.2 was released. Ever since that version, the kernel includes its own drivers for our AC1L/AC3L/AC5L adapters. This means that the ACL adapters work out of the box in any recent Linux distribution.

The in-kernel drivers are fine for casual surfing, but they might not perform as well as our drivers, or they might not include all features such as the access point mode. We have no control over them, they’re maintained by the Linux kernel developers, so any issues will have to be reported there. If you’re using a supported distribution, you may run our installer to switch to our drivers.

Our drivers

Hundreds of Linux distributions exist so it’s impossible to list or support all of them. Our driver release process is as follows:

💡 Every time a new official Ubuntu, Debian or Raspberry Pi OS version is released, we make sure that we have already uploaded a compatible driver in our repository.

This means that we support all official Ubuntu, Debian and Raspberry Pi OS versions, including all their derivatives as long as they use the same kernel and are not immutable.

But this also means that we cannot support distributions that frequently have a newer kernel than Ubuntu, such as ArchLinux or PoP!_OS, or distributions that have a modified kernel, such as Kali Linux or Armbian. For these distributions, consider using an ACL adapter and the in-kernel drivers.

A non-exhaustive list of distributions that our drivers support is:

A non-exhaustive list of distributions that our drivers do NOT support is:

ALT Linux, antiX Linux, Arch Linux, Arco Linux, Armbian, Artix Linux, Bluestar Linux, CentOS Linux, CentOS Stream, Clear Linux, deepin, EndeavourOS, Endless OS, Fedora Workstation, Garuda Linux, Gecko Linux, Gentoo Linux, Guix, KaOS Linux, Kali Linux, Kodachi, LibreELEC, Linux CNC, Mageia, Manjaro Linux, Oracle Linux, OpenMandriva, openSUSE Leap, openSUSE Tumbleweed, PCLinuxOS, Pop! OS, Puppy Linux, Reborn OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, Slackware, Solus, Tails, Tiny Core Linux, Ubuntu Core, Void Linux, Windows Subsystem for Linux

For the distributions that our drivers do not support, consider using an ACL adapter and the in-kernel drivers.

📝 Note that if your distribution or architecture is unsupported and you didn’t notice it when you purchased our adapter, you may return the adapter back to Amazon for a refund, as it comes with two years of warranty.