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Supported architectures

As stated in our Amazon product pages, our drivers are only officially supported on PCs (x86_32, x86_64) and Raspberry Pi 2+ (armhf, aarch64). This is because many board manufacturers provide custom kernels for their distributions, but they lack the respective headers and build tools to be able to compile kernel modules. If you can locate and install them, then our drivers should work. You may try to run our installer before buying the adapters if you wish, to see if it successfully installs the driver or not.

To see your architecture, run:

uname -m

So if for example you see mips or powerpc there, then your architecture isn’t officially supported. Another reason for compilation errors is if your kernel is 64bit while your OS is 32bit, or the opposite. For example, on Rasbperry Pi OS, both 32bit (armhf) and 64bit (aarch64) installations are supported, but using the 64bit kernel8.img on a 32bit installation is not.

📝 Note that if your architecture is unsupported and you didn’t notice it when you purchased our adapter, you may return the adapter back to Amazon for a refund, as it comes with a two-year warranty.

Here is a list of some boards and distributions where our installer was successful:

BoardDistributionArchKernel version, remarks
Raspberry Pi 2+Raspberry Pi OS 10, armhfarmv7l5.10.17-v7+
Raspberry Pi 2+Ubuntu 20.04, armelarmhf5.4.0-1028-raspi
Raspberry Pi 4Kali Linux, arm64aarch644.19.127-Re4son-v8l+
Raspberry Pi 4Raspberry Pi OS 10, arm64aarch645.10.17-v8+
Raspberry Pi 4Ubuntu 21.04, arm64aarch645.11.0-1007-raspi
Odroid C2Kali Linux, arm64aarch645.10.0-kali7-arm64
Odroid C2Ubuntu MATE 20.04, arm64aarch643.16.85-65
RockPro64Debian, arm64aarch645.10.0-6-arm64
RockPro64Kali Linux, arm64aarch645.10.0-kali7-arm64